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The Ultimate Guide to Selling Your Home in the Fall: Why Autumn is the New Spring for Real Estate!

The Ultimate Guide to Selling Your Home in the Fall: Why Autumn is the New Spring for Real Estate!



Hey there, future home seller!  Ever thought about selling your home in the fall? Most people wait for spring to list their properties, but autumn is actually a hidden gem in the real estate world. Here's why you should consider fall as the perfect season to make your big move.


Why Fall is Fantastic for Selling

Less Competition

Spring and summer can be crowded in the MLS. Come fall, many sellers have either sold their property or taken it off the market. This means less competition for you. Stand out and get noticed!


Serious Buyers

Let's be real. Most window shoppers are out in the spring. Fall buyers mean business. They want to move in before the winter storms hit, so they're more motivated to make an offer. 


Curb Appeal

Fall foliage can make your property look like a million bucks! The vibrant colors of autumn create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Who wouldn't want to buy a home that looks like a postcard?


Prepping Your Home for a Fall Sale

Stage with Seasonal Flair

Think cozy. A couple of pumpkins on the porch, a wreath on the door, and some warm-colored throw pillows can work wonders.


Light it Up

Daylight hours are shorter in fall. Make sure your home is well-lit, inside and out, so it shines no matter what time of day.


Get a CMA

Before listing, get a Comparative Marketing Analysis (CMA) to price your home just right. This is crucial in any season but even more so in the fall when time is of the essence.


Marketing Your Home

You're in luck! Fall is a great time for video and photo shoots. Use the autumnal backdrop to make your property pop in listings. Get your home in front of as many eyes as possible with the perfect blend of tech tools. 


Closing Thoughts

Don't wait! Fall is your chance to get ahead in the real estate game. With the right prep and marketing, you'll be handing over the keys in no time, and probably at a great price!


Ready to list your home this fall? Let's make it happen.


Nick DeMers

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